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What Makes Us Different...

We want to up front and spell out the expectations that there should be on both sides - what you should expect from us and what we will expect from you:

You can expect six things from us.
We will:

  • Schedule a phone discussion (20-30 minutes) at a mutually convenient time to go over your background/experiences and the kind of opportunities that you are interested in pursuing. We understand your busy schedule and the need for privacy during this discussion, so we are open to late-day, early morning, and weekend times.
  • Call you first when we come across an opportunity that matches your background and interests. Your resume will not be sent out unless we contact you and discuss the potential match/opportunity first.
  • Take charge in arranging the interview process - including providing you with a schedule and itinerary.
  • Obtain feedback from the interview process and schedule a time to discuss the feedback with you (usually within 2 days of the actual interview).
  • Provide advice and assistance in negotiation with a prospective employer.
  • Stay with you throughout the process. Once we hit step two above, we will be in contact at least weekly to keep you informed on the progress of your career search.

We will expect six things from you.
We will expect you to:

  • Be open and honest in our initial discussion about your background, salary history, salary expectations, references, companies that you have applied to, other recruiters that you are working with, timeframe in which you would like to find a new position, etc.
  • Return all phone calls within a 24-hour time period. If we are trying to discuss a potential opportunity or to schedule an interview, it is paramount that we act promptly.
  • Research each potential employer and be prepared for the interview with a list of questions about the job and the company.
  • Call us with your feedback and comments within a short time after an interview.
  • Email "thank you" notes to the people with whom you interviewed expressing your appreciation.
  • Be candid and honest with us about each opportunity. Don't be afraid to tell us if you don't think an opportunity is right for you. We only want to see things progress when it is a great opportunity for both you and the employer.

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M. Campbell Associates, Inc.