What Makes Us Different...

Your time, as well as our time, is valuable. For our relationship to work to our mutual benefit, we feel compelled to reiterate what expectations there should be on both our sides - what you should expect from us and what we will expect from you:

You can expect six things from us.
We will:

  1. Schedule a phone discussion to go over the job opportunity and the "ideal" candidate for the position along with the salary range, signing bonuses, incentives, stock options, benefits, the interview process, time frames, etc.
  2. Act with your sense of urgency on the position, providing a first-run of carefully selected and pre-screened candidate resumes within a week of the phone discussion.
  3. Take the responsibility for scheduling all interviews after obtaining dates/times from both parties.
  4. Provide feedback to you, following an interview, on the applicant's perception of the opportunity.
  5. Negotiate with an applicant on all issues - representing the best interests of your organization.
  6. Stay with the process until you find the right match and that individual has begun employment with you.

We will expect six things from you.
We will expect you to:

  1. Be open and frank in the initial discussion, providing us with all the information on the position and the organization that would "sell" a potential candidate, what other steps you have taken to fill the position, etc.
  2. Get back to us within a reasonable timeframe (24-48 hours) after submission of resumes.
  3. Return all phone calls within a 24-hour time period. If we are trying to discuss a potential candidate or to schedule an interview, it is paramount that we act promptly not to lose the credibility of the applicant.
  4. Call us with your feedback and comments within 2-4 hours of an interview.
  5. Get back to the applicant in the timeframe promised. And don't lead the candidate to expect a further interview or communication if it is not definite. Nothing sours the process faster than not following through on a verbal commitment.
  6. Be open and honest with us at each step in the process. Any changes in the job description, reporting structure, or timeframe need to be communicated to us immediately so that no one's time is wasted in fruitless pursuit: yours, ours, or the candidate's.

m. campbell

M. Campbell Associates, Inc.